I find the contact with nature unique and with that I mean it shares with us a free flow of energy that can be transcended into an image and embrace the life force within you. Have you noticed how the existence in nature can lift you from a low energy to feeling happy and easy? Nature shares with us if only we get out.

Most of my abstract photographs are taken in nature. The idea is I photograph nature that replicates big city life and ambiance by capturing time and captivating presences inspired by Walter Benjamin and The Arcades. The term "psychogeography" meaning feeling the city describes the emotional and behavioral impact of urban space and the relationship between a city and its inhabitants. What started as images of nature environments turned into abstract expressions as a means to develop own expressions.

Images from the forest become metaphors and similes for life in the cities. We spread new life into the world just like sprouts that grow in the forest. For example, the rawness of a city space is expressed through photographs of trees and wild growths, where the trees represent growths in the city, like its inhabitants.

See my Works; Abstract and Fine Art Photography

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