To See

To Be in the moment

To Act in the Moment

To Grab every Moment

To Be who you are in the Moment

To reach out

To seek

For The Truth

Your Truth

Of who you Really are

Just be You

Be Now

Act now

Text by CWM

Performance by CWM

Project by CWM

cecilie wallenius mork performance.jpg

Summer Course 2019

Course in Acting Techniques at Theater Studio - For the fun of it! A lot of play, good vibes and laughter with the unity and presence in a variety of ages plus gender. The experience were incredibly funny and joyful, under the eye of instructor Ingunn Andreassen. Respect to all the professional actor and actresses out there for the incredible work that lies behind acting and credit to myself for having chosen to focus on the Art, the Growth and the Playfulness. Bringing with me some useful techniques in order to strengthening the little roles and characters for future use.

Diploma Summer 2019

Diploma Summer 2019

Being on set

Grateful for being able to show up on various productions. In between there are glimpses of little roles and I love it. Lately, I have been fortunate to join various productions on a regular basis and that to me is of great value. It is inspiring with the people I meet and to observe the collaboration between everyone on set. Each depending on the other and the timing.. Not to mention all the technical set ups and props. I find great inspiration from the other extras I meet. Many that I talk to are brave ones with not so traditional choices that have brought them to where they are at today. Thank you for sharing your stories, especially on various type of performance. I hope you enjoy your summer where you are and taking advantage of the seasonal outdoor activities such as yoga.

cwm statist.jpg
Yoga on top of the Opera by Agnes Staniak, YourYoga.

Yoga on top of the Opera by Agnes Staniak, YourYoga.

From Nikon to Canon

I am the happy owner of a Canon camera after 8 years with Nikon .

The camera itself is easier to carry, the menu is straightforwardly and the Sigma wide angle lens is fantastic. Image from this weeks practice together with other photographers :)

cwithme kamera.jpg

Flashdance and Self Portrait

My self-portrait in the early days of my photography studies. The other image is from Flashdance. I was watching the show this winter and I recognized the pose. Somewhere in the unconscious mind at the time I felt like bringing a chair into the backyard and pose, unlike me and inexplicable. A feeling so strong that I chose to follow through. I believe in intuition and that the things we do can come to a greater understanding later in life. Can you recognize that in you? Most of my projects are based on own intuition.

flashdance og selvportrett.jpg

Always Remember..

Here an image as a photography student in England. Always reminding myself about the dreams inside of me and using that creative mind into problem solving when life is stuck.


Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ...


You are all so precious, not just to yourselves and those who love you, but to the world. Every single individual on the planet is playing their part. And play is an important word.

Remember that :)

cwm portrait.JPG


I find the contact with nature unique and with that I mean it shares with us a free flow of energy that can be transcended into an image and embrace the life force within you. Have you noticed how the existence in nature can lift you from a low energy to feeling happy and easy? Nature shares with us if only we get out.

Most of my abstract photographs are taken in nature. The idea is I photograph nature that replicates big city life and ambiance by capturing time and captivating presences inspired by Walter Benjamin and The Arcades. The term "psychogeography" meaning feeling the city describes the emotional and behavioral impact of urban space and the relationship between a city and its inhabitants. What started as images of nature environments turned into abstract expressions as a means to develop own expressions.

Images from the forest become metaphors and similes for life in the cities. We spread new life into the world just like sprouts that grow in the forest. For example, the rawness of a city space is expressed through photographs of trees and wild growths, where the trees represent growths in the city, like its inhabitants.

See my Works; Abstract and Fine Art Photography

cwithme nature.jpg

MatPrat Food Commercial - Egg for Dinner?

Omg, so much fun. Performing in front of the camera took me back to how I first discovered performing arts. I was performing in front of the camera based on own ideas, only I did not know about performing arts and that it actually was allowed. Good news for me back then. This time I was in a film studio and the idea was not mine. I was open to receive instructions on what to do. What a great experience.