Since my childhood I have been intrigued about what is behind the obvious with the result that in a glance of an eye, I became a rebel and dissected my toy to see what was inside. I wrote my thesis on Photo Therapy and I learned that our interpretations are based on each individual and colored by our history. I also learned about the healing effect within Photography. A work of art in my opinion is communicating a story, thought or emotion and making a statement. The goal is to visually communicate the energies around us, helping viewers see or feel something they haven`t before and help the viewer focus on being present in their surroundings.

In my abstract Photography, being present and in the moment is the key for me catching more than the normal eye can see. The magic happens when I use my manipulation techniques and the final photo allows the viewer to finally see what I perceive. I focus on finding an interaction between myself and my surroundings. The core of my artistic identity is based on expression and the abstract. This core is then built upon and influenced by my natural human curiosity for exploring different cultures and being open minded with human differences. I like to explore photography in creative ways and my development has moved towards other media.

To date, I very much enjoy exploring acting roles for film and commercials. Performance Art has been an important part of my development as an artist and I have my experience from performing for the camera in film- and photo studios, outdoors and on stage as in Live vocal Performances. The motive is always to help the viewer to have an experience within themselves. Most projects I have created and performed are mainly based upon own intuition and focused around themes like identity, vanity and loneliness. As an artist, I enjoy going into dept so my main goal is to be working on long term projects.

Education & Qualifications

2019 July, 16 hours: Summer course in acting techniques by Ingunn Andreassen

2010-2011 Post Graduate Certificate from MA Photography Contemporary Dialogue at Swansea Metropolitan University, known as University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Specialist subject: Fine Art Photography. Important subjects: Pecha Kucha, with more.

2002-2005 Bachelor with Honours in Photography at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, known as University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, England.

Specialist subject: Fine Art Photography. Important subjects: Groundwork & Development including Resolution, Independent Study, Narrative & Audience.


2001-2002 Foundation in Photography at (Professor) Robert Meyer College of Art, Oslo, Norway.

Subject Research: Fine Art Photography. Important subjects: Portofolio



2016  Anne Haugen og Isabell Martinsen, Oslo, Photo abstract & Vocal Performance 

2013  Fagerborg Church Oslo, The Little Match Girl Passion, Concert, Photo Art Illustration

2012  Institution Swansea, Wales, Installation Photography Series

2011  Swansea Met University, Vocal Live Art Performance, Driving Through a Forest, Pecha Kucha

2007  Bodoe Concert hall, Bodoe, Separate exhibition, Portraits of Anna.

2005  The Brewery, Brick Lane, London, Graduate exhibition, Format 44. Video Performance, edited: Anna`s Journey 04:19

2004  Farnham Park, Surrey, England, Group project, Parked View.

2002  Grafill Art gallery, Oslo, Robert Meyer Art College, The Yearly Art exhibition.        


2018 Slipp Botsen Fri, Festival Photos,

2016  Not Random Art, The Contemporary Art Magazine Interview June, p. 52-59 

2016 Invitation to Local Art & Music Nordre Aker Budstikke Vocal Performance, Photography exhibited Come Fly With Me

2014, Norske Nyheter på Engelsk, Digital catwalk opens Oslo Fashion Week; 

2011  Ultimate Stillness av Margaret Sharrow, PhotoCompetition, Wales, UK  

2007 AN Local TV News - Portraits of Anna

2007  Avisa Nordland – Newspaper 27 February, Atmospheric photographer.

2007  Avisen Solpress – Newspaper February, Photographer seeks artistic tasks.

2007  Bodø Kulturavis – The Concert Halls` program, This Springs artist.

2005  Format 44 – Catalogue June, graduate exhibition London, UCA.

2002  PIX – Catalogue The Yearly art exhibition Oslo, NISS/ Robert Meyer Art College.


FFF - The National Organization for Photographers and Camera based Artists

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