2019 De Uskyldige (The Innocent) Extra Nurse Mer Film AS

2019 Proffesional Traffic Organization Extra Busdriver Gefuhl AS

2019 Det Kunne Vært Verre Extra Mother+ Wife Seefood TV AS

2019 Side om Side sesong 7 Extra Natteravn NRK

2019 Varsleren Actress with a line + Extra PR Consultant & Waitress Miso Film Norge

2019 Norskish Extra Restaurantguest NRK Drama

2019 Ulven Kommer Actress with impro speech Mother Noroff

2019 Livstid Extra Guest Monster Scripted AS

2019 Secret Sect Photo extra Gathering Monky Productions

2019 Elkjøp Actress with lines Customer Couple Small Film

2019 Skitten Snø Extra Guest Engagement Miso Film Norge AS

2019 Okkupert Sesong 3 Russian Politician+Journalist Yellow Bird

2019 Gledelig Jul Extra Church visit Nordic Film Production AS

2019 Håp Extra Christmas gathering Film Outcast AS

2019 Grandiosa Extra Parent TV Commercial Einarfilm AS

2018 Google Chrome Voice Audio collection Seven Levels

2018 Matprat Actress Surprised web Commercial Hobbyfilm

2018 Directorate of Health Extra Restaurant Guest Commercial One Big Happy Family

2018 Directorate of Health Actress with impro lines Professionally Responsible Transform AS

2018 Over Grensen Extra Farmers wife Maipo Film AS

2018 SSB Extra Mother Commercial Small Film

2018 Operation Mummy Extra Birthday in a Museum Detektive Film AS

2018 White Negro Actress Mother Student Production Noroff Film

2018 PSB Frontcover Stills Crisis Teamleader Cynergi Film & TV

2018 Wilhelmsen Small role with a line Judy Transform

2018 Lindmo Audience in Box TV Entertainment NRK

2018 Beforeigners Extra Present HBO Human Rubicon TV AS

2018 Norsk Tipping Extra Grassroots Share B Reel Films

2018 22. Juli Extra Passer TV Series NRK

2018 Røde Kors Extra Inhabitant in a Torchlight Procession Commercial Fantefilm AS

2018 Norway Extra Dependents HBO Film Truenorth Norway AS

2017 Term - 8 mm Film Main Actress Pregnant Studentproduction Westerdahls

2016 Lords of Chaos Hollywood Film Production Extra Oslo street Tangrystan

2016 Hotel Cæsar Extra Hotel guest TV Series NRK

2016 Norwegian AirCrafts Museum Bodø Extra Mother Documentary Varg Studios

2016 NCC Extra Receptionist Placebo Effects AS

2016 mCASH Extra One Big Happy Family Commercial

2016 Directorate of Health Extra Smile-Talk-Lift TV Commercial Eckerbom Casting

2016 Zombie Lars Extra Audience TV Series NRK


2019 Jeg Ser Deg m/ Michael Winger Transcription Turbin Film AS

2015 Unge Lovende Monster Scripted AS Pre-production assistant TV-series NRK; 

CWM Live Performance.jpg

Live Vocal Performance

Driving Through A Forest